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at Jubilee Worship Center

At JWC, with our variety of Ministries, you are sure to find your Passion

Find out More about our Ministries:

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Discipleship-Growth Tracks


This class is your introduction to Jubilee and becoming a member.  We will discover your gifts and talents together as you work toward spiritual growth.

At the end of the session you will have the opportunity to become a member and begin using your talents for His Kingdom.


Family Life Skills

BREAKING FREE FROM THE PAST... to be the person you desire to be.

Do You Believe...

If you really knew me, you wouldn't love me.

Everything is always my fault.

I had some trauma in my life, but it doesn't affect me now.

If my partner would just change, everything would be just fine

I can't seem to develop any close relationships.

It is not okay for me to make mistakes.


Do any of these statements apply to you? If so, we can help! Some of the most basic and personal things that we believe about ourselves are the result of unsound input. At Life Skills, we examine our foundational beliefs in order to develop new thinking and to learn the skills necessary to "Learn to Live and Learn to Love."


What is Life Skills?

Life Skills is a network of affiliate centers around the world whose trained facilitators teach the "Learning to Live, Learning to Love" curriculum.



What is the "Learning to Live, Learning to Love" Curriculum?

The curriculum was originally created to support and aid people involved in abusive relationships. However, Life Skills has proven to fine-tune and bring enrichment to any relationship, whether abuse is present or not. We have discovered that past hurts shared within the group setting have common root issues. Most adults have personal experience with abuse or rejection at some point in their life. The common issues can be one or a combination of physical, verbal, psychological, emotional economic, and even silent abuse, along with stalking, rejection, and other forms of manipulation and control.



Some of the topics covered in class are:


Anger Management

Defining and Identifying Abuse

Childhood Wounds

Male/Female Differences


Conflict Resolution


Developing Trust

Guilt and Shame

Reactive Lifestyles


Healthy and Lasting Relationships



What is the Weekly Program?

Our 26-week program consists of one three-hour session each week. Our Learning to Live, Learning to Love" classes are conducted separately for men and women, and each person is treated with respect and dignity. Our facilitators present the curriculum through oral presentation, workbook study, group discussion, videos, and other visual aides.



What is the Goal of Life Skills?

Life Skills teaches skills that a person would have otherwise learned in a balanced, healthy home between birth and age 18. Implementing these new skills will enable each individual to rebuild their life and improve their self-image. Our goal is to help each individual increase their capacity to function in relationships and, where possible, to offer hope of reconciliation.


What Are the Class Fees?

Class fees are based on a sliding scale according to each family's gross annual income. The intake fee is $55, and your class fee will be determined at your intake appointment. Class fees are paid at the beginning of each class.



Class Registration

If you are interested in signing up for a class, please call or email Life Skills to schedule an initial intake appointment. This appointment will allow you an opportunity to fill out the necessary registration packet, meet your facilitator, determine your personal class fee, and address any questions or concerns. When attending your initial intake session, please be prepared with three recent check stubs and cash or check for the materials fee, which covers your registration, workbook, and class materials. Intake appointments must be completed before the class start date.



Family Life Skills, Inc. is Directed by Marla Lindsey

Tuesday Men's Classes are facilitated by James Lindsey

Thursday Women's Classes are facilitated by Marla Lindsey


For more information or to schedule an intake appointment, please send an email to

Ladies Ministry

Daughters of the Most High

Give her the fruit of her hands, and let her own works praise her in the gates. Proverbs 31:31

Ladies Ministries was adapted in the Church of God in 1936 as the primary outlet for women, which is now an international multi-ministry. Ladies Ministry is not an independent segment of God's plan but an integral part of it. It functions under the direction of the pastor and in complete harmony with other departmental ministries.


OUR PURPOSE is to encourage spiritual growth, personal development, and leadership among women and to contribute to the general warfare of the home, church community, and world.


OUR VISION is to produce "Women of Excellence." To produce women of integrity and purpose, women who have discovered their worth as "Daughters of God." Women of faith. Strong, God-fearing, holy women committed to the will of God and the destiny God has for them.


OUR GOAL is to develop a well balanced Ladies Ministry where all ladies can be involved at some level that is conducive to their individual schedules; Being mindful of those women who:


Work outside the home

Have babies or small children

Have unsaved husbands

Are Senior Citizens


For more information, please contact Ladies Ministry by email at


Kids In Training

Children's Ministries

Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it. Proverbs 22:6

K.I.T. is the Children's Ministry of Jubilee Worship Center.

OUR PURPOSE is to change the course of this generation.

OUR MISSION is to change our world by reaching one child at a time.

OUR VISION is to provide Northwest Indiana a church where children, both seekers and believers, from any background or cultural difference can experience the love and power of God through corporate Worship, Praise, and Ministry. To offer a safe haven, a place of restoration to a hurting generation. To train them from new birth to a state of servanthood, so they may be active participants in the harvest.

For more information on K.I.T., please send an email to

Children's Ministry

Student Ministries


Heirborn Student Ministries exists to connect with, teach, disciple, and inspire students to live radical lives for Christ.


 The staff and volunteers of Heirborn Student Ministries are all caring, adult leaders who love connecting with students! They are trained and equipped to help students through the darkest of days while also enjoying the celebrations of life together through events and midweek services. If you are a student looking for a place to belong, then this is the place for you! If you are a parent wondering what we’re all about, this is a place for students to develop a mature, lasting faith and a fun, safe place for teens to belong.


On Wednesday we meet in the youth wing at Jubilee Worship Center. We start off with a live worship service structured for students ages 13 through 18. These services are packed with modern praise and worship, a focus on connecting with God, a time of celebration, and an awesome experience! Worship is followed by a biblically-based message that is engaging and relevant to the life of a teenager. This is a great time to further your relationship with Christ, be with friends, and make new friends! Doors open at 6:45pm We start at 7:00pm


We do tons of planned and spontaneous events throughout the year. Every year we take at least two planned trips for Winterfest and Youth Camp. Some Wednesday's we will substitute a special event in place of our regular midweek service. On top of all these events, Heirborn is constantly putting together events like mini trips, house parties, game nights, service projects, and plenty of others all year! Events are a great way to get to know the students and staff at Heirborn Student Ministries!

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"Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong." Corinthians 16:13 (ESV)


To provide men with resources to develop Godly character and to equip them to influence their world for Christ. Becoming a Christian is not a destination; it's the beginning of a life-long journey.



Something special happens when men rise up and stand together to take their place in their families, churches, workplaces, and communities. There is a special bond men share when they commit themselves to living wholeheartedly for God and one another. Frontline is dedicated to creating opportunities for men to establish Christ-centered friendships, empowering, encouraging, and sharpening one another.



We're dedicated to helping men be the Godly men God calls us to be. A Godly man is a servant, not a slave master. Being a spiritual leader does not mean dominating your family. It means serving your family, standing on the Frontline and being a Godly example to your wife and children.



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